Watching Sports Without Cable TV

The days of having to pay for a cable TV service in order to watch sports are long gone. There is no need for you to commit to a package where you are tied down to paying $100 or more for a year in order to get cable TV. Not only do you have to deal with the annoying commercials, but there are so few channels that you would really want to watch. And for so many people, they only use cable TV in order to watch live sports games. But now you can check out online services such as Sling or PlayStation Vue if you want to get those channels at a cheaper rate, with no contracts.

There is also the option of adding an antenna to your home, where you can get over-the-air channels such as ABC, NBC and CBS. These are the channels that will carry your local team’s NFL games. And as long as you live in the area where your team plays, you should always be able to watch their games for free. No more need for cable! And the major games, such as Thursday and Sunday night football, are also included in these free channels you get over the air.

The third option that we recommend, but only as a last resort, is to go online to see if there are any free streams of the games that are being played. Whether it is a flash stream, or you are using a service such as AceStream in order to watch the content, you will be able to see the game. At times there is a one or two-minute delay, but you are still getting to see the game in really good quality on your computer, and you are not going to pay any money for the privilege.